Intercontinental Terminals Company
  • Intercontinental Terminals Company Deer Park Location

    bullet Location: Deer Park, Texas: 265 acres strategically situated on the Houston Ship Channel at mile point 47, 2 miles north of Texas Route 225 and 3.3 miles east of Beltway 8. (map)

    bullet Storage Tanks: 242

    bullet Total Capacity: 13,058,136 barrels / 2,076,078 M3

    bullet Size Range: 8,000 – 160,000 barrels / 1,272 – 25,438 M3

    bullet Transportation Modes Served: Vessel, barge, rail car, tank truck, pipeline system connections

    bullet Rail Car: 500 car capacity private storage spur, loading and unloading racks throughout terminal, certified rail scale,
    served by the Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA)

    bullet Tank Truck: Loading and unloading racks throughout terminal, certified public truck scale

    bullet Ship and Barge Docks: Five tanker berths; four ranging from 600 ft (182.88 m) to 900 ft (274.32 m) LOA, nominal 40 ft (12.19 m) to
    45 ft (13.72 m) draft; one tanker berth, 520 ft (158.5 m) LOA, 28 ft (8.53 m) draft, 80 ft (24.38 m) beam.
    Ten barge docks; up to five ocean-going tankers and 15 barges accommodated simultaneously

    Products Handled:

        Chemicals                           Petroleum                   Gases

        Primary Organics               Heavy Fuel Oil            C3,C4, C5
    Organic Intermediates       Refined Products
    Organic End Chemicals
    Inorganic Chemicals

    Complete Terminaling Capabilities
    bullet In-storage product blending
    bullet Vapor control systems for tank truck, tank car and marine vessels
    bullet Semi- and fully refrigerated systems
    bullet Product heating and circulation
    bullet Vessel/barge layberth accommodations
    bullet Rail car storage track
    bullet Nitrogen and steam systems

    bullet Customized capabilities

    Direct Moves
    bullet All mode transfer capability, including barge/vessel lightering