Intercontinental Terminals Company
  • Intercontinental Terminals Company Baton Rouge Location

    bullet Location: 2449 North River Road, Port Allen, Louisiana 70767 (map)

    bullet Storage Tanks: 9

    bullet Total Capacity: 6,274,044 gallons / 149,382 barrels / 23,750 M3

    bullet.jpg Size Range: 29,904 – 2,187,906 gallons / 712 – 52,093 barrels / 113 – 8,282 M3

    bullet Transportation Modes Served: Vessel, barge, rail car, tank truck

    bullet Rail Car: Union Pacific; loading and unloading facilities

    bullet Tank Truck: Loading and unloading facilities

    bullet Ship and Barge Docks: One 40 ft (12.19 m) draft tanker berth, two barge docks, some restrictions.

    Products Handled:
          C3, C4, C5

    Complete Terminaling Capabilities
    bullet In-storage product blending
    bullet Vapor recovery systems
    bullet Fully refrigerated straight wall tanks
    bullet Product cooling and circulation
    bullet Rail car storage
    bullet Nitrogen
    bullet Pressurized sphere