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    Intercontinental Terminals Company has provided safe and reliable terminal services to the petrochemical industry for over four decades.  As the premier storage facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast,
    ITC ranks at the top of its kind both in capacity and customer service.
    ITC prides itself on providing top notch customer care while maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.

    ITC is proud to participate in Responsible Care® through its partnership with the American Chemistry Council American Chemistry Council. It is also part of the Chemical Distribution Institute’s Terminal program (CDI-T).

    ITC owns and operates two terminals in Houston:

    The ITC Deer Park terminal started in 1972 and currently has
    13.1 million barrels (2.2 million cbm) of capacity in 242 tanks.  It stores all kinds of petrochemical liquids and gases, as well as fuel oil, bunker oil and distillates.  The terminal has five ship docks and ten barge docks, rail and truck access, as well as multiple pipeline connections.

    The ITC Pasadena terminal opened with 1 million barrels capacity in
    May 2015 and currently has over 3 million barrels of storage available, with another 3.5 million barrels in construction.  The products handled are petrochemicals and petroleum products.  The facility has two ship docks and four barge docks, as well as rail and truck.  The terminal is connected to the Explorer and Colonial pipeline systems, as well as to multiple refineries and plants in the area.

    ITC’s dedicated associates are the backbone of ITC’s continued success.  They are the key to provide you with reliable and safe services.

    ITC Vision Statement

    Intercontinental Terminals Company is a safe and dedicated partner whose associates are recognized as proud leaders in customer care
    and operational excellence.

    ITC Core Values

    Safety     Honesty     Integrity     Dedication     Respect

    ResponsibleCare     ISO

    Inspire Excellence