Intercontinental Terminals Company Deer Park Location

bullet.jpg  Location: Deer Park, Texas:  265 acres strategically situated on the Houston Ship Channel at mile point 35.4, two miles north of Texas Route 225 and five miles south of Interstate 10

bullet.jpg  Storage Tanks:  239

bullet.jpg  Total Capacity:  12,757,800 barrels / 2,028,328 M3

bullet.jpg  Size Range:  8,000 - 160,000 barrels / 1,272 - 25,438 M3

bullet.jpg  Transportation Modes Served
:  Vessel, barge, rail car, tank truck, pipeline system connections

bullet.jpg  Rail Car:  500 car capacity private storage spur, loading and unloading racks throughout terminal, certified rail scale,
    served by the Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA)

bullet.jpg  Tank Truck:  Loading and unloading racks throughout terminal, certified public truck scale

bullet.jpg  Ship and Barge Docks:  Five tanker berths; four ranging from 600 ft (182.88 m) to 900 ft (274.32 m) LOA, nominal 40 ft (12.19 m) to
    45 ft (13.72 m) draft; one tanker berth, 520 ft (158.5 m) LOA, 28 ft (8.53 m) draft, 80 ft (24.38 m) beam.
    Ten barge docks; up to five ocean-going tankers and 15 barges accommodated simultaneously

Products Handled:
      Chemicals           Petroleum            Gases

 Primary Organics
Heavy Fuel Oil 
C3, C4, C5

 Organic Intermediates
Refined Products 

 Organic End Chemicals

 Inorganic Chemicals

Complete Terminaling Capabilities
bullet.jpg  In-storage product blending
bullet.jpg  Vapor recovery systems for tank truck, tank car and marine vessels
bullet.jpg  Semi- and fully refrigerated systems
bullet.jpg  Product heating and circulation
bullet.jpg  Vessel/barge layberth accommodations
bullet.jpg  Rail car storage track
bullet.jpg  Nitrogen, freshwater, dry air and steam systems

Packaging and Blending
bullet.jpg  Customized capabilities

Direct Moves
bullet.jpg  All mode transfer capability, including barge/vessel lightering

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